Fumie Tai

Fumie Tai was recognized around all of Tokushima for three years as a reporter for Good Morning, Tokushima, which was broadcast for 39 years beginning in 1971 by Shikoku broadcast station (and became one of the longest running local informational TV programs in Japan.) Fumie covered the entire prefecture and has been committed to making videos since April 1999. Currently, she is a freelance announcer and an MC for events, based in Tokushima prefecture.
In March 2016, Fumie founded E-yo Tokushima in Japan.

She has seen firsthand the splendor of Tokushima through her experiences as a reporter, an announcer, a video creator, and as a wife and a mother. These are the origin of her passion for Tokushima. The company mission, Spreading the Values of Tokushima to the World, represents her dedication to her home prefecture.

The company employees are all women. They report, write scripts, shoot, and edit to make Tokushima videos. They also passionately create of original handmade crafts using traditional Japanese paper, Haigyu.

With the original video and pilgrims’ crafts, E-yo Tokushima in Japan cordially invites people to come and enjoy the splendor of Tokushima.