Tokushima, the nicest place

Fascinating nature

Abundant fresh foods

Experience traditional Japanese culture,

and exciting activities

All these are waiting for you in Tokushima.

Please let us tell you more about

what's wonderful Tokushima.



E-yo Tokushima in Japan rakurakukimono
E-yo Tokushima in Japan rakurakukimono
E-yo Tokushima in Japan rakurakukimono
E-yo Tokushima in Japan Yubino Su



E-yo Tokushima Japan makes original products for sale that denote pilgrimage to the 88-site Shikoku circuit, and other PR goods for Tokushima prefecture.

We are proud to introduce Tokushima through products made from traditional and local materials.

E-yo Tokushima


Japanese folk crafts are fine and beautiful. Individually made by hand, they are for sale with "omotenashi", the heart of Japanese-style hospitality.

Movies / Videos

E-yo Tokushima Japan sells original English videos that highlight all that Tokushima prefecture has to offer visitors.

Through the videos you can also learn Japanese culture and the manners such as tips about what to do when visit a shrine.

We hope you can enjoy and learn a lot about Tokushima from these videos.

E-yo Tokushima

of Tokushima

In Tokushima, there is a lot of culture that is representative of Japan as a whole. Local culture that has been inherited throughout hundreds of years is a part of Tokushima'shistory. I will introduce the culture and traditions of Tokushima which have endured through to the present age.

E-yo Tokushima


The prefecture of Tokushima is an area surrounded by mountains, the sea, and rivers. The interwoven beauty of nature is captivating. I'll help you explore the many sightseeing corners throughout Tokushima.

E-yo Tokushima


There are several events in Tokushima. The Awa Odori Festival, which is representative of Japan, is one of the events. I'll share with you the variety of wonderful local events.

E-yo Tokushima


Tokushima has a warm climate allowing for tasty agricultural crops, faces the ocean giving access to bountiful seafoods, and local produce is well known throughout Japan as being delicious. I will reveal the various foods and shops of Tokushima.

E-yo Tokushima

About Japan

Japan is a very beautiful country. Nature and hospitality; these are things that I would like everyone to sense. There are some things I would like you to know about for when you come to Japan.

E-yo Tokushima

The Shikoku 88 Temples

Tokushima is a land of pilgrimage. Including Tokushima, 4 prefectures are collectively home to the Shikoku 88 Temples, which are the destinations along the pilgrimage route. While there are various reasons to make the journey, the scenery around the collective 88 temples is said to be exceptional. From the first to the 88th, I'll explain about temples and highlight points of interest.


There are lots of historical and even mysterious places in Tokushima.

Accordimg to one local legend the Record of Ancient Matters of Japan, the "Kojiki" originated in here.

E-yo Tokushima Japan offers you special tours, such as visiting traditional places, as well as hidden shrines and waterfalls known only by locals.

Tour information will be updated soon!